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Maricopa County Parks Are Telling Residents To'Take A Hike'

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to take a hike? Now you have a chance (make that chances) to do just that.

This year, Maricopa County's Parks and Recreation Department celebrated National Take A Hike Day in mid-November. While there is very little information available on the history of National Take A Hike Day, the concept aligns with the department's goal to get people outdoors and connected with nature.

"In addition to recognizing National Take A Hike Day, the department recently kicked off the 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge. People are urged to visit a park, take a ranger-led hike, and log some outdoor miles.

Hiking is also a good stress reliever, and can be very therapeutic during the [upcoming] holiday season," said R.J. Cardin, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department director.

Maricopa County is home to one of the largest regional parks systems in the nation with over 120,000 acres of open space parks that include hundreds of miles of trails.

"In addition to our various County Parks, it's important for folks to recognize that the Maricopa Trail is a wonderful additional gem maintained within the Maricopa Park system and open to hikers and visitors throughout," added District 3 Supervisor Andy Kunasek. "It connects many communities to our county parks and includes many recently opened segments for people to explore."

Park visitors are reminded that although temperatures may be cooler, appropriate hiking attire, sunscreen and an ample supply of water is still necessary.

For more information on upcoming Take A Hike Day events, trail maps and park locations, visit http://www.maricopa.gov/parks or call (602) 506-2930. For a complete listing of park fees, please visit the Web site.


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