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Business Spotlight - My Core Control Can Keep You In Your Comfort Zone


December 1, 2015

My Core Control, Inc. is a Houston, Texas based company, established to bring "Personal Thermal Control Products" into existence and then to market these revolutionary products as a whole new category of merchandise.

Personal Thermal Control Products are sold into a broad number of different, well-developed existing markets, while providing consumers with a simple-to-use, rechargeable device that will better manage the negative effects of climate extremes, exercised induced body heat or realize other benefits associated with raising or lowering human core-body temperature.

When worn as a wrist band accessory, sewn into apparel or incorporated into industrial gear, "Personal Thermal Control Products" have the ability to raise human-core temperature on demand with the simple push of a button. This allows you to control three heat levels and provide heat ranging from 125-135 degrees for up to 12 hours.

Temperature changes that make you feel cold are as minimal as 2/10 of a degree. My Core Control Technology can increase your core body temperature by over five times that.

My Core Control strategically places thermal energy at the pulse points on the inner wrist to effectively heat the body through Thermodynamic Heat Absorption. Capillary beds and veins in your wrist are being heated, then your heart pumps that heated blood throughout the rest of your circulatory system. Your body then acts a radiator to retain the heat.

My Core Control is designed for easy control. Stress-tested by several occupational groups and Fortune 100 companies, our design provides an incredible ease of use. These tests had temperature stresses of -52 degrees.

While currently introducing our patented "Heated Personal Gear" to the market, we are also in the final stages of releasing next-generation products including Thermal Control Modules that regulate heat and cool, accessory wrist devices that are independent of outerwear, solar-powered gear, Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-capable technologies built directly into personal wear and much more.

If you would like any information or would like to ask any questions regarding My Core Control, please visit .


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