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Rigging An Electric Outboard Motor Is Quick, Easy

Light, quiet and odor-free, electric outboard motors are a convenient and economical alternative to a traditional gasoline-powered engine. They're also far easier to rig and have a range of adjustments to accommodate a wide selection of vessels.

Most boats that are designed for use with a motor have some kind of rigid transom pad built-in. But for those without, such as a canoe, owners can use a commonly available universal mount that clamps to the hull.

Once the motor's bracket is firmly attached to the boat, the angle is adjusted to ensure the shaft is as vertical as possible. It should then be extended so that the propeller is completely under water.

Boaters simply connect the red motor lead to the positive terminal on the battery and the black to the negative side. The outboard is now ready for use-it's that easy.

Electric outboards are usually run off of a common 12-volt marine battery. Higher quality units offer greater longevity and maximum power. Many boaters prefer to store their batteries in a weatherproof box that makes carrying it easier.

Many Flover models come with an LED charge indicator. When the power level gets low, a charger is used to bring the battery back to full strength.

Flover engineers and manufactures six sizes of electric marine outboard motors, from 33 to 55 lbs. of thrust. Fresh and saltwater models, and options such as telescoping handles are available.

Flover's parent company, CSM Tech, is actively seeking US and Canadian distributors. To learn more about dealer opportunities, contact sales@flovermotor.com.

Contact local dealers or Flover, A3-4, 118, Jangansandan 8-ro, Jangan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea. sales@flovermotor.com. US office: 13280 SW 131 St., #111, Miami, FL 33186. 786-701-2054. tristarindllc@yahoo.com http://www.flovermotor.com.


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