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Fresh Or Saltwater, Flover Has An Electric Outboard

Whether on a quiet lake, flowing estuary or shallow flats, Flover has boaters covered with its wide range of high-quality electric outboards. The company offers seven models, each with a broad selection of options.

Flover's outboards range from 33–55 lbs. of thrust. Each lightweight unit features five forward and three reverse speeds, and runs on a standard 12-volt marine battery. Options include a fixed or telescoping tiller, LED battery gauge and a saltwater version for the larger models.

Available in both 45 and 55 lbs. of thrust, Flover's rugged saltwater types feature an innovative corrosion-resistant finish on non-stainless steel parts. The 33.5" aluminum shaft is ceramic coated. A sacrificial anode is mounted on the 11" two blade propeller. The solid state controller with thyristor is protected in the motor's white polymer housing.

Made to last, Flover electric outboards are CE certified, built to ISO standards and come with a two-year factory warranty. Prices start at $126.

Flover electric motors are well-known throughout Europe. Parent company CSM Tech is seeking US and Canadian distributors. To learn more about this unique opportunity, contact sales@flovermotor.com.

Contact local dealers or Flover, A3-4, 118, Jangansandan 8-ro, Jangan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea. sales@flovermotor.com. US office: 13280 SW 131 St., #111, Miami, FL 33186. 786-701-2054. tristarindllc@yahoo.com; http://www.flovermotor.com.


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