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October 1, 2015

Before you know it, the annual gift-giving season will be upon us. I don't know about you, but I like to start the shopping early to spread the cost over a couple of months. If you've got outdoor types on your list, here are a few ideas that are sure to make them happy.

Weego Chargers

Weego has a great gift package this season: It's a Weego Jump Starter Battery+ bundled with a Weego smartphone charger. The Weego is pocket sized and capable of starting 12V batteries in cars, boats, trucks, etc, as well as charging phones, tablets, laptops, speakers and almost anything else you need to recharge.

Each comes with jumper cables, and the instructions are printed right on the back of the unit for easy reference. A built-in LED flashlight helps you out in low-light situations, and it even has a strobe in case you want to signal for help.

The Weego also comes with a 3-in-1 USB charging cord, 8 different laptop connectors, wall and car chargers, and a carrying case. I sure hope I get one for Christmas this year!

The offer starts October 15. The Jump Starter Battery+ has an MSRP of around $100-$190 depending on model. You can get more information at


Whether you shoot, fish, hike, hunt, or just like to hang out in the park with your family, good sunglasses with UV protection are a must, especially in Arizona. Good sunglasses help you see into the water to spot fish, too.

Ocean Racing has just released some great affordable sunglasses - the Waypoint line. They are lightweight and durable and come in a variety of colors. The lenses are highly impact resistant and the glasses have holes at the temple tips so you can attach a lanyard. No blowing out of the boat allowed!

Theses glasses give you broad spectrum UV protection and they have saltwater-proof mirror and hydrophobic coatings for long-lasting performance. You can get them directly from for just $59.95, and that includes a crush-proof clamshell case, microfiber cleaning cloth bag, and their universal lanyard. Check them out at

Running Buddy

You don't have to be a runner to appreciate the Running Buddy pouches. They use magnets to snap onto any pants - no belt required. Slip one side inside your waistband, and the pouch on the other side latches on through your pants to keep the pouch secure - no flapping around. You can get various sizes and colors to hold phone, keys, ID - whatever. They are awesome.

These are a great idea for college students - they are much safer and more secure than carrying everything on a lanyard. There is a fairly large selection of models and prices, starting at around $24. An excellent stocking stuffer! Check them out at

Orange Screw

The Orange Screw is a big orange plastic screw that you can use to tie your dog out, secure your RV awning in the wind, keep a tarp over your boat, ATV, or firewood, peg your tent down - the list is endless. It comes in a tube that slips through a hold in the top of the screw so it becomes a handle that makes it easy to screw the peg into the ground.

The company was funded on Kickstarter, and it is family owned. The Orange Screw is made from 100 percent recycled content right here in the U.S.A. You can pre-order right now on and the expected ship date is December 2015. They are lightweight, easy to use, and infinitely better than those big aluminum nails you're holding your tent down with right now.

I think you'd only need to replace a few of the pegs for you tent and they would still do the job. These things are great, seriously.

Arizona State Trails Guide

This is a great set of trail maps that covers 550 trails in Arizona. Each trail is on a separate card that can be removed from the plastic case and taken along on the trail, eliminating the need to carry a heavy book or a big awkward map. I have a complete set of these and I love them.

Each set covers a different area of the state and includes a map, how to find the trailhead, elevation profile, etc. I love these things and take them with me everywhere.

You can get and print an order form at and also learn more about the trail guides. They are $10/set.

Water Purifier

Backpacking is one of those sports that makes running out of water almost a given. Water is heavy, and it can be difficult to carry enough to keep you at peak performance. The answer is a water purifier like the LifeStraw.

With a LifeStraw, you can literally suck dirty water right out of a stream or tank and by the time it reaches your mouth, it's safe to drink. You can buy these at almost any outdoor store, and they typically run around $20.

These are a great gift for any outdoorsman, or even for a person who likes to travel outside the country. One will give a person fresh, safe water for about a year and they weigh just 2 ounces.

Handheld GPS - Garmin eTrex 10

The Garmin eTrex devices are the first-ever consumer devices that can track GPS and GLONASS satellites at the same time. This means they can lock on a lot quicker, plus with their sensitivity, they can lock on no matter where you are.

Arizona State Trails Guide

So yes, you may have a map app on your phone, but a real GPS will always tell you where you are and how to get back to camp, even when there is no cell service. The screen is easy to read in any light, and it's rugged enough even for a klutz like me.

If you're into geocaching, you can just upload the GPX file to your eTrex and you're ready to go. The free BaseCamp software lets you view maps, viewpoints, routes and tracks and helps you plan your trip. It displays maps on your computer screen in 2- or 3D, and shows contour lines and elevations as well.

This is a seriously great handheld GPS unit. You can find them online as low as $86.

Stay Tuned

Next month I'll give you some fantastic gift ideas for fishermen, so be sure to check back!


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