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Galley Proof - Mmm ... Fish Tacos

Stripers Make Super Fish Tacos


October 1, 2015 | View PDF

Stripers make for great fish tacos because of their mild, flaky, white meat, and medium texture. Also, the average-sized striper (10-12 inches) naturally fits into taco shells. If anything were meant to be -

And here's why: Once an angler fillets a striper, he or she should cut out the blood line along the center. With average Stripers, that leaves two strips tailor-made to relax in those crunchy or soft, curved-corn delicacies.

Here's one way to prepare them: Dip the fillets in an egg wash and roll 'em in a bed of white corn meal and either Panko bread crumbs or your favorite spices (I used a creole seasoning).

Heat vegetable oil (enough in the pan so the fillets float) to the point that a pinch of corn meal flicked into the oil will sizzle. Fry for 3-5 minutes, depending on the size of the fillets.

Fish tacos can be as simple as adding your favorite salsa and greens - simple can be delicious.

As head we deeper into fall, expect successful striper techniques to involve jigs and swimbaits. Also, the Arizona Striper Fishing Facebook page has a helpful article on jigging for Stripers.

In the end, whether you're catching Stripers or "strippers," the result is the same: lots of action, unlimited bag limits, local, organic fish, and - a delicious meal.


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