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Dear Reader, Peanut here!


September 1, 2015

Dear Reader, Peanut here! Here's a summer update my mommy wanted me to let you know about. Summertime is really, really expensive for my favorite shelter, Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. Since it's puppy and kitten season, we get many babies who come in sick and in litters of three to five at a time. Wow, can you imagine that! Mommy said it's really expensive for their medications, vet visits, vaccinations, food and something called litter, (whatever that is). Puppies also need lots of care, potty pads and cleaning supplies. Mommy says the puppies are "poop-and-pee" machines and it takes a village to keep all the puppy areas clean all the time. Your gifts help pay for all these costs for these babies so Lost Our Home Pet Rescue can take them in and give them the long, healthy, happy life they deserve. The only way my shelter can make my puppy and kitty friends safe and ready to be adopted are gifts from you. Because you don't have paws like me, it's really easy – just visit Thank you, Peanut.

Peanut and Petey


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