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Jack Schmier Is A Master Knife Craftsman

Reprinted With Permission From The Chino Valley Review

DeHamer is a Feature Writer. This article was reprinted with permission from The Chino Valley Review.

Most countries in this world have a knife related to their history - machetes for jungle work in South America, bolo knives from the Philippines, and America's Bowie knife which was hand crafted. In fact, anyone wanting the best knives of today must look to the skill of an expert craftsman.

Jack Schmier of Chino Valley is one of those master craftsman, and has been hand crafting knives since the 1960s after he returned to the United States from serving in the U.S. Army in Far East Military Intelligence.

Jack was born and raised in Idaho. "I grew up on a ranch with a rifle in one hand and a lariat in the other. My uncle was a blacksmith who had made a few knives out of files, which sparked my interest," Jack recalled.

Jacks vocation through his lifetime was as an aero-space engineer, while making knives was his hobby. One of the best knife makers in the world, Bob Loveless personally taught Jack how to make his fine knives.

"My knives are all straight edge (they don't bend) and range in size from five to eight inches.

I use the best steel available, which is also heat treated The handles are made from different materials, such as antler, exotic woods, and micarta. I also make all the cases out of the best saddle leather," said Jack.

Jack's knives are different prices and start at $275. The knives are on display at the Hike Shack in Prescott.

Jack thoroughly enjoys the time he spends on creating his beautiful knives, and although he [is now over 85], he works on his knives every day.

"I want to keep making knives from now on. To me, my knives are like an artist's painting. When I first start them, they are kind of ugly, but as I work on them, they become a thing of beauty," said Jack.

"It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see the finished product, knowing that these knives will last a lifetime. I have had customers who have owned one of my knives for many years, and they tell me they are passing them on to [their] grand children," he added.

Jack can be contacted at (928) 636-9363. He provides a lifetime warranty on his knives, repair and sharpening. "I tell people that's my lifetime, not theirs," Jack said grinning.


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