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The Legends Live On

Finally there is conclusive proof that there is much more to San Diego's history than Old Town!

San Diego Legends, 2nd Edition contains more than 100 off-the-bubble stories of San Diego's past that, according to author Jack Innis, are way too much fun to be taught in high school history classes.

Did you know, for example, that in the early 1960s a group of businessmen attempted to build an island/nation 100 miles west of San Diego? "Abalonia" was to rise from the seabed and become an independent nation that supported itself by harvesting seafood and, many conjecture, legalized gambling. Mammoth waves sank their support ship, Jalisco, and tossed the four intrepid entrepreneurs into the sea. They were rescued, just barely, and called it quits.

From Indian legends to political chicanery to strange religions and beliefs, this Sunbelt Publications best seller since 2004 is a book you'll want to enjoy and share. Available directly from the author at http://www.jackinnis.com, Amazon books, many San Diego area bookstores, or from the publisher at http://www.sunbeltbook.com.

"Jack Scheffler Innis has done the near-impossible, turning local history into a can't-put-it-down epic." Peter Rowe, San Diego Union-Tribune


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