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AZGFD Proposes To Amend Article 1 Rules; Public Comment Period Runs Through Aug. 10


August 1, 2015

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission proposes to amend its rules following the 2014 five-year rule review of Article 1, Definitions and General Provisions. A subsequent review of these recommendations evaluated their usefulness in practice and enforcement, resulting in the rulemaking as published in the Arizona Administrative Register on July 10, 2015.

The public comment period runs July 10- Aug. 10. Please submit any comments you may have in regard to the proposed rulemaking to or AZGFD: Attention DORR, 5000 W. Carefree Hwy., Phoenix, Ariz., 85086.

An oral proceeding will be held during the Sept. 4 commission meeting, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Springerville Heritage Center located at 418 E Main St., Springerville, Ariz., 85938.

In addition to the amendments proposed in the five-year review report, the Commission proposes to: amend rules to establish requirements to allow the surrender of an unused hunt permit-tag; allow the transfer of an unused big game tag to a nonprofit organization that affords hunting opportunities and experiences to veterans with service-connected disabilities; and establish an application process for a qualified nonprofit organization to implement recent legislative amendments resulting from Laws 2014, 2nd Regular Session, Ch. 55, Section 1.

The Commission is also amending necessary rule language to increase consistency between Commission rules and ensure conformity with the Arizona Administrative Procedures Act and the Secretary of State’s rulemaking format and style requirements and standards.

The Commission anticipates the proposed rulemaking will benefit the public by creating more opportunities for the use of wildlife resources, with few costs, and maintaining resident hunting opportunity. The Commission believes the public and the Department benefit from the proposed rulemaking through clarification of rule language governing general provisions. The Commission anticipates the proposed rulemaking may impact businesses, both large and small; however, the Commission has determined that the impact will not be significant enough to impact business revenues or payroll expenditures.

In addition, the Commission anticipates the proposed rulemaking will provide a benefit to the public and the Department by establishing a membership program and establishing the limitations and requirements for surrendering a tag and restoring the bonus points expended for the surrendered tag. See details of one of these programs, “I Support Wildlife.”

Joining the Department membership program is voluntary and only those persons who choose to participate in the program will pay a membership fee. The Commission does not anticipate the membership fee will significantly affect a person’s ability to participate in an activity or have a significant impact on a person's income, revenue, or employment in this State related to that activity.

The Department will benefit from any additional revenue.


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