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New Product: Fishtacular - Catch More Fish, Protect the Environment

Users can record catches, identify invading species, and collect data.


August 1, 2015

GeoWorld Outdoors, Inc. recently announced the launch of Fishtacular (, a personal freshwater fishing application for the iOS and Android mobile platforms, designed to help fishing enthusiasts find nearby bodies of water, locate fish species, identify fish species, plan fishing trips for optimal catch conditions, and record catches - all while helping protect the environment.

Fishtacular's predictive technology accurately provides optimum fishing locations and times based on the user's location, the moon cycle, and other factors. The mobile app uses its own proprietary mapping algorithm to help users accurately locate specific bodies of water for fishing that meet specified criteria.

Anglers belong to a tight-knit community that thrives on interaction, sharing experiences, information, and opportunities. Fishtacular aims to do just this, providing an interactive and dynamic population with a platform designed to enhance and improve normal collaboration.

"We were developing location-based technology for another environmental project, when we realized just how beneficial the tool would be to the entire fishing community. Fishtacular offers the best mapping tools for prime fishing, and lets users easily gather data for important environmental research," Marc Guindon, co-founder, GeoWorld Outdoors, Inc.

Crowdsourcing Environmental Data

GeoWorld Outdoors plans to partner with major environmental research institutions and universities by providing the invaluable data they collect to those studying the impact of environmental changes on North America's fishing communities.

Users can access geo-rich crowdsourced data regarding catches and invasive species for lakes, rivers and water basins, while major institutions will be able to access larger-scale data to observe greater trends.


Leverages crowdsourced geospatial catch data and extensive hydrology

dataset for hyper-accurate fishing recommendations.

• Available for the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Accurately helps anglers plan their next fishing trip days, weeks and months in advance to maximize their catch return.

Contributes to environmental research by helping crowdsource catch records and recording catch/release records and invasive species.

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