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Busy At Bartlett

Two Major Events, A New Restaurant/Store On Tap


August 1, 2015

Day On The Lake

The Day on the Lake program is the only adapted watersports program for those with physical and neurological disabilities offered in Arizona. Summer 2015 marks our 19th year of helping people who suffer from a neurological disability ride the waves at one of the most accessible waterside facilities in Arizona - Bartlett Lake Marina.

The last of this year's Day(s) on the Lake for 2015 will be on Friday, Sept. 11 and Saturday, Sept. 12.

Landis Event At Bartlett

Bartlett Lake Store

The following month, on Sunday, Oct. 4 will be the 10th annual Landis Cyclery Bartlett Lake Olympic & Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon Adult Olympic. The specific events are -

1. Tri: 1500 m Swim, 24.8 mi Bike, 6.2 mi Run

2. Adult Sprint Tri: 400 m Swim, 12.8 mi Bike; 2.2 mi Run

3. Adult Sprint Duathlon: 100 yard run, 12.8 mi. bike, 2.2 mi. run

4. Adult Olympic Triathlon Relay – Olympic relay distances – open-water swim only = 1500 meters

New Restaurant And Store

If you haven't yet visited the well-stocked store above Bartlett Lake Marina, we highly recommend that you do soon. It has literally everything you'll need for the popular boating, fishing, camping, water skiing, wakeboarding, etc., activities at Bartlett.


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