Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!


Last week, the EPA held the only public forum on its proposal to raise the ethanol levels in our fuel supply. It was held in the heart of corn country, and no surprise it was decidedly a one-sided debate.

Governor Jay Nixon (MO) energizes hundreds of Pro-Ethanol Supporters at EPA Hearing (Credit: AgWired).

Of the more than 250 testifying participants, all but a dozen were for increasing the amount of ethanol - even beyond the EPA's proposal!

Our voices will be drowned out if we don't take action. We need you to join our effort and contact the EPA. Tell them to protect boating and decrease the amount of ethanol in our fuel supply.

2,000 people in the boating industry have already commented through our link. Will you join them and make this a fair debate?

Comment Right Here, Right Now. https://www.votervoice.net/NMMA/Campaigns/41081/Respond?unregistered=FDayJ_nu3gKZAkvU3WWItQ

Boating United is the grassroots platform of the recreational boating industry. It is comprised of boating manufacturers, businesses and supporters who share the common goal of protecting and promoting the industry. Take action, learn about the issues and more at http://boatingunited.com/


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