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Final stocking of the spring season this week

This week is the final stocking of the season until September, but we're making it a BIG one! Please enjoy a safe and fun summer with your families! Here's the load sheet for this week (a total of 27,300 pounds of catfish):

Tucson area -- Lakeside Lake 1,500 (pounds); Kennedy Lake 2,000; Silverbell Lake 2,500; Sahuarita Lake 2,000

Maricopa area -- Copper Sky Lake 1,500

Phoenix area -- Veterans Oasis Lake 1,000; Desert Breeze Lake 1,000; Kiwanis Lake 1,000; Red Mountain Lake 1,500; Riverview Lake 1,000; Chaparral Lake 1,500; Evelyn Hallman Pond 800; Papago Ponds 1-3 1,000; Surprise Lake 1,500; Rio Vista Pond 500; Pioneer Lake 1,500; Cortez Lake 1,000; Encanto Lake 1,500; Steele Indian School Pond 500; Desert West Lake 1,000; Alvord Lake 2,500

Wondering who delivers all these fish? The people at "Mr. Fish" work tirelessly to bring you these great fish from farms in Arkansas. They make the round-trip journeys of approximately 3,000 miles at least every two weeks. They have been the most critical piece in this program's success, which is bringing fishing enjoyment to you and your families.

Expansion waters stocked June 5

The Department's expansion waters received a healthy dose of catfish and sunfish on Friday, June 5. Those waters included Pacana Pond (Maricopa), Discovery, Freestone, and McQueen Ponds (Gilbert), Roadrunner Pond (Phoenix), Eldorado Pond (Scottsdale), Bonsall Pond (Glendale), Friendship Park (Avondale); Yuma West Wetlands and Council Avenue Pond (Somerton). Tempe Town Lake and Fortuna Pond received catfish only.

Stocking resumes Sept. 21-26

Our stockings will resume after the hottest part of the summer has passed, so we'll be back with more fish in September. Until then, enjoy the summer and be a responsible angler.


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