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Expansion Waters Stocked With Catfish

You can create family memories in your own community, close to home.

Eleven waters that are part of the Department's program expansion, as well as Tempe Town Lake, have recently received catfish. Those waters included Pacana Pond (Maricopa), Discovery, and McQueen Ponds (Gilbert), Roadrunner Pond (Phoenix), Eldorado Pond (Scottsdale), Bonsall Pond (Glendale), Friendship Park Pond (Avondale); Fortuna, Yuma West Wetlands, Redondo (Yuma), Council Ave Pond (Somerton), and Tempe Town Lake (Tempe).

Did You Know?

The Department purchases almost all the fish for the Community Fishing Program. A portion of our winter trout stockings are provided from the Department's state fish hatcheries to stock Yuma-area waters and Tempe Town Lake. We conduct about 550 individual stockings per year, and current per-year purchases include approximately -

60,000 pounds of trout

195,000 pounds of catfish

6,000 pounds of bluegill sunfish

Those fish are paid for in-part from the sale of fishing licenses, partnership fees that the cities contribute, federal sportfish restoration funds (excise tax on fishing gear), and wildlife conservation funds (from gaming revenue).

We receive no general fund (sales tax and income tax) revenue from the state legislature. This program is based on a user-pay, user-benefit model that has worked successfully for decades.

We're proud to bring the fish to communities so that your family can enjoy a wonderful recreational activity. We hope your experiences create ever-lasting memories.

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