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Museum Receives $5M Donation

Maritime Museum to Begin Major Project Plan

The Maritime Museum of San Diego announced today a donation of five million dollars from Mr. Dan McKinney, a long-time Museum supporter. Mr. McKinney’s gift will initiate a planning process that will transform the Museum. Elements of this transformation will include a physical reorganization of the Museum layout providing visitors a more immersive and historically ordered experience, and the development of a floating gateway structure that will welcome and orient visitors to the maritime experience, while enhancing the natural beauty of the bayfront.

As a long term tenant of the Port of San Diego, the Maritime Museum has an obligation to continually make improvements. This transformational gift allows us to begin a design process to enhance the museum experience . According to Dr. Raymond Ashley, President and CEO of the Maritime Museum, “ This is an extremely generous donation from a very prominent San Diego family. It’s a wonderful testament of support for the Museum and its programs. This truly transformational gift will propel the museum to an even higher level”.


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