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EPA PlansTo Increase Country's Ethanol Mandate

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The EPA recetly announced its plans to increase the country's ethanol mandate to historic levels. That's right, despite the science and facts about the harms of ethanol, the government is doubling-down on its handout to corn farmers and ethanol producers.

But the government can't just quietly inflate the levels of ethanol in our fuel without hearing first from the public. They have to collect comments until July 27th-the easiest way to submit a comment, and tell the EPA to reverse course, is right here, right now with Boating United.

To make matters worse, in a gift to the ethanol industry, the White House is handing them a $100 million check to install blender pumps across the US. These are the pumps equipped to dispense E15 and higher blends at your local gas stations. You've got that right; the government is doing everything it can to force E15 into our fuel.

Unless we stop them.

If you are afraid of what ethanol can and will do to marine engines, water quality and the environment, then you need to comment. (And while you're at it, you'll be asked to send a quick note to your legislators to encourage them to step in and stop the EPA.)

If our industry fails to speak up now, you better believe E15 will be at your corner station before you know it. And that's bad for boating and for business.

Tell the EPA: No More Ethanol


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