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Check Out State Parks On Your Taxes

Arizona State Parks is on 2015 income tax return for the first time.

Arizona State Parks will be on your 2015 Income Tax Return Form 140 for the first time! Taxpayers are able to make a voluntary contribution to Arizona State Parks from their Arizona tax refund.

"For the first time you can make a donation on your Arizona State tax form," said Executive Director Sue Black. "Giving a few extra dollars can create a lasting legacy for the State Parks, trails and historic sites."

According to the "Arizona We Want 2.0" report, an Arizona 2009 Gallup Poll stated that Arizonans rated the state's natural beauty, outdoor parks and trails as its greatest assets. The "Arizona We Want 2.0" report said the next steps to reverse the financial crisis for state parks and recreation areas is to ensure their quality and accessibility for future generations.

The State of Arizona allows taxpayers to make an income tax contribution on their Form 140 to many causes that they feel are important, and now Arizona State Parks will be among the choices. This is the first year donations to the Arizona State Parks department has been offered on individual tax forms for the tax donation program. To keep updated on how these specific funds are allocated throughout the year call (602) 542-4174 or visit Arizona State Parks' website at AZStateParks.com/checkout.


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