Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Catfish Return To Phoenix/Tucson March 19

Mark your calendars! The cats are coming/are back. Our first stocking of the season: Thursday, March 19.

For delivery: Close to 15,000 pounds of hungry catfish into 21 core waters - Get your family, grab a picnic basket, and come on outside because it's the perfect time of year to hit the lakes.

Last Trout Stocking Of Winter Season

Our last trout stocking for central and southern waters this season is taking place March 2-7. Trout will continue to be stocked into Green Valley Lakes in Payson until early May.

Welcome Avondale's Friendship Park To Program

The Department finalized an inter-government agreement with City of Avondale to add Friendship Park Pond. We hope to begin stocking with a load of sunfish during the week of March 23-28. (This is tentative.)

Avondale is the 16th community within the program, and we now have 36 waters total. Additional waters are expected later in 2015.


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