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San Salvador Launch Postponed

Dr. Raymond Ashley, President/CEO of the San Diego Maritime Museum, issued the following statement announcing the postponement of the San Salvador launch.

Thank you for your support of the Maritime Museum of San Diego and the San Salvador project. More than any other icon, the San Salvador has become the embodiment of California’s origin story. The voyage of 1542, with Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo at the helm, established California as one of the places in America’s landscape where we can say our country began. The present day San Salvador is being built at Spanish Landing by the Maritime Museum of San Diego and its legion of about 500 dedicated volunteers.

A launch event was planned for April 19, 2015. Unfortunately, unanticipated technical complications involving the movement and lifting of the ship have arisen within the last four weeks. With no certainty that a comprehensive solution will emerge within the two weeks remaining, it is with sincere disappointment and regret that we announce the postponement of the public ceremony. In making this decision, we are resolved to prioritize the safety to the people involved in the launch and the protection of the ship. We are continuing to engineer the launch of the San Salvador and have no doubts of a successful result, but the timing and duration of the operation will henceforth need to proceed in accordance with the technical and safety requirements. We apologize for the disappointment and inconvenience to anyone who may have made plans around this event. Please stand by for further communications and plans to celebrate the launch of the ship and its successful completion.


Ray Ashley, PhD

President and CEO, Maritime Museum of San Diego


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