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A Tale Of The Caribbean


March 15, 2015

G'day from Fremantle, Australia!

"Shipwrecked on the small Caribbean island of Petite Silhouette after the Great War, Australian sailor Jack McLeod makes a new life as a bootlegger, island trader, ship builder, and family man. But storm clouds are looming on the horizon. WWII sees the West Indies become a battleground between the Allied Forces and the marauding U-boats of Nazi Germany. Embroiled in espionage and intrigue, the crew of the schooner ROULETTE must call upon all of their skill and experience to battle a ruthless and unseen foe.

Splicing historical fact with fiction, TRADEWINDS takes the reader on a thrilling ride through the exotic Caribbean at a time when the outside world invades these idyllic islands, changing them forever."

Chris Bowman's new novel 'TRADEWINDS a Tale of the Caribbean' has been released and is now available online as a paperback, ereader or kindle version through various retailers. Visit http://www.tradewindpublishing.com for more information.


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