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Sedona Suggests Top Five Hidden Treasures To Explore In 2015

At the New Year, it is customary to reflect and aspire to do better in the coming year, often through the traditions of New Year's resolutions. In 2015, Sedona welcomes those who resolve to travel more, offering its vast red rock landscape as the backdrop to next year's memories.

Before planning the next trip to this desert oasis, the city offers the top five secret sights to see while adventuring in the city. Here, then, are the city's top five (in ascending order) hidden treasures to create the most memorable moments in 2015.

5. The Hog Trails

The Hog Trails are Sedona's newest trail system, completed in May 2014. The trails' loops and turns provide a new and exciting view around every turn, from the enchantment of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, to other illustrious trails.

4. Petroglyphs

Evidence that Sedona was discovered centuries before Columbus is still visible in the many ruins and petroglyphs, fascinating thousands of modern explorers drawn to this area each year. An experience not to be missed is that of the ancient, Native American Palatki Heritage Site, the Honanki Heritage Site and the V-Bar-V Heritage Site.

3. Wine And Dine Like A Local

Just in the last few years, the Verde Valley has been rediscovered by vintners who have come to appreciate its climate and soil. Along with its esteemed wine community, the farm-to-table movement has produced some of the most delectable dishes Sedona has to offer. Don't miss out on the local favorites.

2. Bed And Breakfast Paradise

Sedona could very well be the bed and breakfast capital of Arizona. Something about the beautiful setting inspires innkeepers to create little masterpieces of lodging in and around the hills and creeks.

1. Catching The Sedona Sun

Finding a picturesque spot to capture the essence of the Sedona sunrises and sunsets is an easy feat in Sedona. Whether it's at the peak of Capitol Butte or at the base of Oak Creek Canyon, there are plenty of hidden paths and hikes to make sure you capture the perfect sun-kissed moment.


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