Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Don't Miss The Boat

Sail-World receives an average of 800,000 visits per month, with three million unique visitors per year. So, make sure your event public relations officers or your class or association has provided Sail-World with the event preview, the daily reports, mid-regatta reports or the wrap at very least. There is a news submit button on the front page. It's a very simple process. Around the world, 12 different events provided their news reports to us this way on a single day alone. Of course we also receive many event reports to our global email box editor@sail-world.com. We don't run them all and many need heavy editing and we often ask for more or better image and full result tables but if you do not send them to us, your event sponsors miss out on a lot of exposure. Combining the most recent two months, we will have run 80 or so of these reports; be awful if yours in not one of them.


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