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Community Fishing Program

Catch Some Trout In Town

Trout Are Back In Tucson

Trout stocking has resumed at Lakeside Park in Tucson now that water-quality issues have been resolved. Kiwanis in Tempe was stocked on Nov. 24.

Operation Game Thief callers are making a difference Following a recent stocking of trout into Silverbell Lake in Tucson, the Department received several reports of unlawful netting.

An officer responded twice to separate calls, and on the second response located a person who matched the description. The officer conducted surveillance and witnessed the person committing violations. Subsequently, the person was contacted and issued a citation.

Although officers may not be readily available to respond to each call, the information is vital. Your information will be recorded into our database, which will be used to look for patterns of reported violators so that we can catch the poachers and issue citations.

Another thing to keep in mind: Just because you don't see officers at the lake doesn't mean they aren't working with that information. Many times officers will catch violators after they leave the lake or even at their homes. Your calls are vital to assisting enforcement.

Trout Return To Phoenix Expansion Waters

Trout are being stocked into the seven expansion waters in Phoenix during the week of Dec. 15-20. Those waters include Pacana Pond in Maricopa, Discovery, McQueen, and Freestone Ponds in Gilbert; Roadrunner Pond in Phoenix, Eldorado Pond in Scottsdale, and Bonsall Pond in Glendale.

Turn In Poachers!

You may notice some additional Law Enforcement Officers at CFP waters as we're working to improve compliance at CFP Waters. Please help us by reporting known or suspected violations.

Although the Department may not be able to send an officer to each reported violation, simply reporting the incident to the Department helps establish where and when we have poaching problems. Every call is logged into a database and will be used to direct enforcement activities on your Community Fishing Waters.

Call Operation GAME THIEF (1-800-352-0700) to report suspected fishing violations.

For more information, contact Specialist Joann Hill at (623) 236-7268. The full CFP stocking schedule is available at http://www.azgfd.com/h_f/stocking_schedule.shtml#urban.


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