Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

A Letter To New Hunters, Past Participants

Get Out And Enjoy The Great Outdoors; Hone Your Hunting Skills

We hope all is well with you and your family. We wanted to remind you of a hunting opportunity that you might be interested in because it is perfect for continuing to develop your hunting skills and requires minimal resources and equipment.

Quail season (Gambel's and scaled) is open through Feb. 8, 2015. The bag limit is 15 birds, and they can be found in most desert areas. All you need is a general hunting license (youth or adult), which many of you have if you attended one of our hunting events. (The full book is available from Game and Fish, and covers all small game species).

Also, we are in "small game season" right now, and it offers lots of opportunities to go hunting, have fun and bring back some great game meat for sharing with friends and family for the holidays.

Tree squirrel season is until Dec. 31. The bag limit is five, and this should be a great season, due to light snow conditions this past winter. Hit the big ponderosa tree stand areas, using a .22 or shotgun.

Rabbit / jackrabbit season is open until Jun. 30, 2015. The bag limit for cottontails is 10, and jackrabbits are unlimited. This should be a good season for both of these desert dwellers, and they can be found in the same areas where you hunt desert quail around washes, hillsides and open areas, using a shotgun, .22, or bow and arrow if you're up for the challenge.

Duck and goose season (federal duck stamp required) includes two zones, mountain (open until Jan. 11) and desert (open until Jan. 25). Bag limits vary by species, duck populations are at record highs, so this is a good year to try stock tank jumping or hunting for them when you are squirrel hunting. Remember, you need steel (non-toxic) shells for waterfowl. Bring a fishing pole for retrieving downed ducks.

Get out and enjoy the great outdoors and hone your hunting and outdoor skills. Don't forget to email us a picture of your trip or post it on our Facebook page.

Happy hunting and be safe.


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