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Community Fishing Program Stockings Resume

The Community Fishing Program resumed stocking catfish in the core waters in mid-September. Two trucks serviced the Phoenix and Tucson areas from two separate ponds in Arkansas. Unfortunately, one of those ponds had weaker-than-normal fish, and following the stocking, we had reports of mortalities from almost all of the Phoenix-area waters at various levels.

Rest assured we're working with our municipal partners to remove the dead fish and get them replaced as we continue October catfish stockings.

Kiwanis Lake in Tempe and Lakeside Lake in Tucson were not stocked due to poor water quality conditions. Stockings will resume at both locations when water quality returns to acceptable levels.

Trout Stocking To Resume In Green Valley lakes

Rainbow trout were being returned to Payson's Green Valley lakes through Oct. 19. Grab the fishing poles and pack a picnic basket - take the family to the park to make some memories!

New Stocking Schedule

We've overhauled our stocking schedule so that anglers can see all CFP waters at a glance. If you go to the Department's website (www.azgfd.gov) and download the PDF version of the schedule, you can click on any CFP water and a map will be displayed to help you find all of our stocked waters. Good luck fishing!

Water Ranch Lake To Become Special Regulation Water

In early September, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission approved converting Water Ranch Lake (Gilbert) to catch-and-release only for bass and sunfish, but maintains catch-and-keep for trout, catfish and all other species.

The regulations take effect Jan. 1, and single barbless hooks will be required. Fish stockings will remain the same through December, and then revert to once-per-month. Also Jan. 1, daily bag limits for catfish and trout will be reduced to two each. All bass and sunfish will need to be immediately released unharmed.

Granada Ponds, McKellips Pond Removed; Freestone Pond Added

Two CFP waters have been officially withdrawn from the CFP and will not be stocked anymore: Granada Ponds in Phoenix and McKellips Pond in Scottsdale. Freestone Pond in Gilbert will be added to the program, and we're working to get Friendship Park in Avondale added to the program later this autumn.

Freestone Pond in Gilbert received the first catfish in early October.

Turn In Poachers!

You may notice some additional Law Enforcement Officers at CFP waters as we're working to improve compliance at CFP waters. Please help us by reporting known or suspected violations.

Although the Department may not be able to send an officer to each reported violation, simply reporting the incident to the Department helps establish where and when we have poaching problems. Every call is logged into a database and will be used to direct enforcement activities on your Community Fishing waters.

Call Operation GAME THIEF (1-800-352-0700).


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