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The History Of The Drill Paddle

A few years ago I was on the lake and had the bad luck to have my engine quit. Nothing I tried would get the engine to run. I had also not thought to bring oars or a paddle. I used my hands and an empty tackle box to try to paddle to the shore. Fortunately a fellow boater spotted me and towed me back.

This experience got me to thinking of a good back up system other than remembering to take oars along in case of engine failure in the future.

Thus was born the Drill Paddle. My use of tools was limited but it didn't take long to see that the cordless drill I had would make a good motor for a small mechanism with a propeller.

The first Drill Paddle sold in May of 2013. Drill Paddle is made in the U. S. has been sold all over the United States and in countries around the world.

The Drill Paddle is an inexpensive alternative to a trolling motor and much more versatile.

"The first cordless drill was invented in 1961, and remains to be the most commonly purchased hand held power tool in the world!" Most people already have them just sitting around, with very limited use.

Customers Say

"One of the simplest & greatest inventions ever." - Keith C., Meshoppen, PA

"I purchased the Drill Paddle because my tired old legs tend to cramp up when kicking my float tube." - Ed G., Alta Loma, CA


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