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San Carlos, Sonora, Is Calling Again!

Paradise Sands & Sonora Bay Estates

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

As the season turns from summer to fall and on into winter with Mexico beginning to look better and better on the weather map, imagine actually being here and getting/having to live it. Cooler (low 80s) morning temperatures and mild (high 80s) daytime temperatures bring the "Gringos "and Canadians in their RVs and vehicles packed for the winter. Milder temperatures also signify good fishing, although at the end of the game fish season, the "good eating" fish flourish during this time!

As we wander down to the marina in the early morning dawn, we notice the water is as flat as a lake, not even a ripple until those little flying fish hurl themselves up in mid-air and soar as far as they can till they dip back down in the salty sea. Pelicans and seagulls watch our every move as we ready our gear, load in beverages and snacks and set out to claim what they wish for each day - fresh fish!

The ocean is as blue as the sky that has only a few cloud dots in the distance; the fresh ocean breeze brushes my face with a hint of coolness. The mountains are glistening with the reflection of the sun and the desert is alive with color and beauty. Once in our launch, we look about and join others venturing out into the channel to find the solace of a day - fishing!

Now for the best part: San Carlos from the sea point of view is spectacular. Tagged by National Geographic as having the best ocean views in Mexico, the views in from the ocean are just as dynamic. A mere four hours later, we are harbor-side again watching our catch of Dorado (mahi-mahi) being filleted ready to go from the grill to our mouths to complete our fantasy day of fishing on the Sea of Cortez.

San Carlos, Sonora, is located four and a half hours driving south of the Arizona border on Interstate Highway 15 and is accessible via commercial flights from Phoenix, Ariz. and Los Angeles, Calif., in the USA.


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