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Sea-Fire Suppression Systems Give Peace Of Mind

An onboard fire is any boater's worst nightmare.

If a fiberglass boat catches on fire, within minutes, it can burn down to the water line. A proper fire protection system is vitally important and should be the first item on any boat owner's safety checklist.

For pleasure craft, megayachts, workboats or even large structures such as oil platforms, Sea-Fire Marine's H Series FM-200 Engineered Fire Suppression Systems protect spaces up to 17,500 cu. ft. in size. Compliant with National Fire Protection Association requirements, Sea-Fire's systems are specially designed to discharge the entire amount of FM-200 agent in 6 to 10 seconds. This ensures rapid extinguishment of the fire and reduces damage significantly.

Sea-Fire H Series Systems are available with a time delay feature of either 30 or 60 seconds. It provides for an alarm warning and engine and ventilation shutdown prior to discharge. The H Series can take on the most difficult Class A, B and C type fires in engine rooms, electrical compartments, cabins and accommodation areas.

FM-200, an EPA-approved alternative to Halon, is a clean, gaseous chemical extinguishing agent that has been proven safe for people, the environment and equipment. Both non-conductive and non-corrosive, it leaves no residue behind. Conforming to strict national and international standards, Sea-Fire's H Series carries numerous approvals, including Factory Mutual Global, USCG, ABS, Transport Canada, RINA, Lloyds/MCA, CE/TPED and Germanischer Lloyd, as well as Australia and New Zealand approvals. It is tested in accordance with IMO/SOLAS requirements.

Sea-Fire Marine has more than 40 years experience in fire extinguishing and suppression technology. They offer an extensive international network of authorized and trained service and sales dealers.

Contact Sea-Fire Marine, 9331-A Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, MD 21237. 800-445-7680. http://www.sea-fire.com.


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