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A 'Paradise' Awaits In San Carlos, Mexico

Paradise Sands, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Yes, it says Mexico and despite what you hear, Mexico is as popular as ever with tourists, second-home buyers and the ever-increasing number of retirees slipping across the border in search of a better, more affordable "lifestyle."

Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and Acapulco need no introduction as Mexican destinations as they are well-known and traveled by foreigners. The slice of paradise south of the border called San Carlos in the State of Sonora is slightly off the beaten tourism path compared to those aforementioned. Once you find it, you will understand why San Carlos has taken the road less traveled and catered to foreigners as part-time or full-time residents rather than going after the "weekend warrior" crowd.

Boasting some of the most amazing "land and sea scape" anywhere, this tiny village by the sea screams "lifestyle." With approximately 10,000 property owners and the actual number of inhabitants varying depending on the season, about two thirds of the owners are Americans and Canadians who cherish their "lifestyle" in the San Carlos paradise.

Sand, surf and sun describe the affiliation with the calm, blue ocean while majestic mountains provide the backdrop on this masterpiece. With a tagline of "Where the Desert Meets the Sea," the cactus flowers lead from the mountain tops to the water's edge as if a direction is needed.

But here "lifestyle" only begins with the beauty of the area. Morning and sunset walks on the beach, saluting the dolphins as they pass along the shore and entertaining the seagulls and pelicans are a daily occurrence. Cafes, bistros and restaurants, road-side taco stands are ready to serve delicious Mexican fare, including world-class Sonoran beef that rates above the high standard of Argentina beef. The seafood is so fresh you may see the pelican waiting for a tasty morsel as he follows from the point of catch to your house in anticipation.

Beautiful land/seascape, perfect weather, great food and relaxation are keys to creating our signature "lifestyle" but here it is all about the water. There are over 6,000 watercraft - from small sailboats to mini-megayachts - pleasure boating, whale/dolphin watching and, of course, awesome fishing that rules the day.


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