Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Solar-Powered Charger Also Offers Built-In Speakers

Packing light is useful in many situations, such as traveling, camping, boating or even just on a daily basis. The SoliCharger-SP from Davis Instruments combines a solar charger, high-output speakers and rugged carrying case all in one. Now users can recharge their cell phone or portable devices on the go, while also protecting it.

The SoliCharger-SP enables users to take along stored energy for recharging cell phones, MP3 players, or digital cameras while they're going about their day. Its powerful 3-watt stereo speakers are essential for listening to music, enhancing games, or making a hands-free call.

SoliCharger-SP is great for camping, backpacking, fishing, canoe and river raft trips, as well as sail and powerboats, camping trailers and RVs, offices and even next to a bed. It's well-suited to anywhere owners want to keep their device charged while listening to music without using headphones.

This device is ideal when making a conference call on a cell phone. The clear, crisp amplified sound will make it easy for several people to hear the conversation while up to 6' away.

Owners can plug a SoliCharger-SP into their laptop for enhanced sound from music, movies, tutorials, SKYPE, YouTube, or any internet application. There's no more straining to hear music or conversations from their tiny internal computer speakers.

The SoliCharger-SP has a 2,000 mA internal storage battery with a discharge rate of 300-500 mA. Most cell phones and devices contain a battery with 1,500-2,000 mA capacity.

Weighing only 9 oz., SoliCharger-SP charges most phones in 2-3 hours. Owners can use their phone or device while it is charging, helping extend talk time. The LED charge indicator tells how much charge is available. When the charge runs low, users can recharge the SoliCharger-SP's internal battery using the sun or by plugging it into a PC or any USB port.

SoliCharger's tough Cordura® case also provides protective storage for a wide range of electronic gadgets including iPhone® devices, Playstation® consoles, cameras or MP3 players. SoliCharger-SP includes adapters for 32 pin Apple®, USB, USB mini, USB micro and USB female (for iPhone® 5 and beyond).

The Solicharger-SP from Davis Instruments has a price of $49.99.

Contact local dealers or Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188. info@davisnet.com; http://www.davisnet.com.


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