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Pigtail Adapter Built For Easy Use, Storage

To safely power RV road adventures, Conntek offers durable, easy-to-use and wallet-friendly electrical products. The company's 30A to 50A Pigtail Adapter Cord is constructed to withstand most weather conditions and is compact for easy storage.

With two-pole, three-wire grounding, this Pigtail Adapter allows connection from 30A to 50A and 125V to 125/150V. The NEMA TT-30P male plug simply joins to the NEMA SS2-50R molded female connector.

Measuring 1.5', the bright yellow cord is easy to spot and stow. Conntek's Pigtail Adapter has UL and C-UL approvals and comes with a five-year warranty.

Conntek's 30A Pigtail Adapter cord (product #14381) has a price of $80.

Conntek's Camp Power range offers a complete line of electrical products designed for the RV market, from adapters that solve compatibility issues to waterproof cordsets that work year-round. The company also provides custom products upon request.

Contact local dealers or Conntek, 2122 E Birchwood Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53110. 414-482-0800; Fax: 414-482-0220; http://www.conntek.com.


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