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New Rooftop Unit Expands Mach 8 Low-Profile Offerings

The quality line of Coleman-Mach RV air conditioners and heat pumps from RV Products continues to expand with addition of the Mach 8 Cub to the revolutionary Mach 8 Ultra-Low Profile line-up. The Mach 8 Cub is designed to offer the best cooling capacity versus power consumption in the RV industry.

The Mach 8 Cub features the same 8.5" ultra-low aerodynamic profile and industry exclusive fiberglass basepan as all other Mach 8 models. It also features two fan motors which contribute to the high energy efficiency and superior cooling performance at both high and low speed fan operation. A built-in optional 100% condensate water removal pump is also available.

Weighing around 85 lbs., the Mach 8 Cub has a rated cooling capacity of 9,200 BTUs. A 6,000 BTU electric heat element is also available. The Mach 8 Cub is ideal for smaller RVs and trailers where size is limited, but cooling performance cannot be sacrificed.

The Coleman-Mach, Mach 8 Cub is now available at RV dealerships and retail locations.

Contact local dealers or RV Products, P.O. Box 4020, Wichita KS 67204. 316-832-3400; Fax: 316-832-3493, rvpsales@airxcel.com; http://www.airxcel.com


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