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Hand Pump Makes Siphoning Fuel Safe, Simple

Siphoning petroleum needn't be dangerous or difficult. The easy-to-use Siphon-Mate fuel transfer hand pump from Beckson Manufacturing provides a safe, neat method for transferring liquids. All parts and components are compatible for use with petroleum products.

A combination displacement lift pump and siphon pump with valves suitable for transferring fuel, the Siphon-Mate requires just a few half stroke pumps to begin the flow of liquid. With handle fully extended, the siphoning action continues automatically as long as the liquid's source is higher than the receptacle. Pushing the handle down stops the flow.

The versatile Siphon-Mate comes with unattached clear tubing and an in-line foot. Intake and discharge hoses can be cut to any desired length. Beckson also offers a Siphon-Mate model with attached clear tubing and a right-angle foot. Little maintenance is required beyond draining the siphon pump of any flammable liquids prior to storage.

Lifting 4 oz. per stroke, the Siphon-Mate measures a compact 11.5" L x 1.25" in diameter. The pump is intended for fuel, oil and water only, and should not be used for transferring liquids over 120º, or for solvents that could compromise PVC tubing.

Contact local dealers or Beckson Manufacturing, 165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605. 203-366-3644; sales@becksonmfg.com; http://www.becksonmfg.com.


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