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Ergo Grip Makes Cord Handling A Snap

Repetitive tasks like unplugging an RV power cord can result in pain, particularly for those with conditions marked by wrist and hand weakness. Ergo Grip adapter and extension cords from Conntek let users work smarter, not harder, when it comes to grasping and unplugging cords.

The thoughtful ergonomic design of Ergo Grip products, available only from Conntek, reduces hand fatigue by increasing user comfort and leverage. Injection molding ensures all-weather operation, durability and impact resistance. The handle and prongs are positioned at a right angle to the cable, helping to keep the user safe while protecting the cord from twisting damage.

The Conntek Camp Power line includes Ergo Grip RV adapter cords with a 30A, 125V rating in 25' and 30' lengths. In addition, 30A, 125V Ergo Grip RV extension cords are available in 25' and 50' lengths; and 50A, 125/250V extension cords in 15' and 30' lengths. Each has a built-in LED power indicator and Ergo Grip handles on both the plug and connector.

Conntek also supplies Ergo Grip generator adapter cords in a 1.5' length. These have a securing locking generator plug to a straight blade RV side, with an Ergo Grip handle and LED indicator on the connector only. Prices for Conntek Ergo Grip products start at $49.95.

Contact local dealers or Conntek, 2122 E Birchwood Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53110. 414-482-0800; Fax: 414-482-0220; http://www.conntek.com.


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