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Tangle-Free Reels Great For 10-15-Pound Fish

Two of the fishing reels that helped launch the popularity and success of WaveSpin tangle-free spinning reels have been being offered as a closeout special.

“We are making way for new models to include higher end metal bodied reels,” said WaveSpin’s Russ Riley.

The special for the DH 4000 and DH 5000, each priced at $29.95 plus S&H, is available only online at WaveSpinReel.com and is not available at other outlets.

Both reels have 8+1 stainless steel ball bearings, come with a two-year warranty and are great for fish in the 10 - 50 lb range such as musky, pike, salmon, catfish and land locked striped bass. The DH 4000 was previously priced at $83.26; the DH 5000 was $91.75. (Note: Prices may have changed at press time.)

All WaveSpins have patented American design. The DH 4000 uses space age technology to produce 45 lbs of smooth multi-disc drag (typically 15 – 20 lbs on other reels this size). This long casting reel uses 8–12 lb mono or 30–50 lb braid and weighs 12 ozs. The DH5000 weighs 12.5 ozs. It uses 10–14 lb mono or 40–60 lb braid.

Engineered by “The Bass Professor” Doug Hannon, the WaveSpin-patented design received instant awards and accolades such as Field & Stream Magazine’s prestigious 2008 “BEST of the BEST” Award, which said WaveSpin’s radical design came at a time when innovation in spinning is hard to find.” (Quantities are limited on both models.)

For more information, contact: Pete Johnson, Johnson Communications, Inc. Scottsdale, Ariz. 85267, 480-951-3654 (ph), JohnsonCom@aol.com


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