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ChefMate App Enhances Hunters', Anglers' Lives

Interactive iPad app pre-loaded with over 650 recipes and more.

Okay, you've caught a great tasting fish or bagged a wild turkey and are already thinking of how you'll prep it either for grilling in the field or cooking back home. That's when you wish you had a Sous chef to help you come up with a delicious recipe and tempting presentation.

The fans of the FishMate® and HuntMate® line of mobile apps for outdoorsmen, asked their talented app designers - who are also great in the kitchen - to come up with an app for cooking their favorite fish and game, and boy have they created that - plus more exclusively for the iPad.

ChefMate™ is an interactive app, with over 650 pre-loaded recipes, more than 50 on grilling or preparing fish, steak, chicken, ribs, duck, game hens, squab, sausage and other meats along with shrimp, lobster, crab and shellfish.

Does venison tenderloin with wild mushroom sauce sound appealing? There's more! How about Cajun catfish, almond crusted trout with Grand Marnier cream, bourbon marinated salmon, broiled salmon with pesto, citrus-grilled snapper with Mandarin orange relish, linguini in clam sauce, shrimp and snapper stew, grouper with pomegranate, grilled tuna and many other fresh and saltwater fish species?

ChefMate™ designer Penelope Fenton said "The entrée section includes meats, poultry, seafood, vegetarian and pastas. There are also plenty of side dish selections from which to choose.

"Cooking for one or more than a dozen?" Fenton asked, "ChefMate will quickly scale the ingredients to the proper amounts with one just click, so you don't need to do the math. Plus we give you tips on substitute ingredients, onscreen fundamentals and kitchen tips."

ChefMate's "How to" section is alphabetized with topics on how to carve a turkey and a wide variety of meats, plus how to filet a fish as well as larger fish into steaks. There are also more sections for -

Sauces, starters, salads, desserts, breads, beverages and specialties,

Adding your own favorite recipes and to share on social media,

Searching recipes by keyword to quickly locate your favorites,

Extras & Help" with essential tools: weight, measure, temperature, fresh to dried herb conversions, high altitude cooking tips, food prep, purchasing, storage and safety,

Recipes for marinades, pizza, hors d'oeuvres, breakfast meals, fondues, dips and more,

Easy onscreen access to "Related Recipes" for that special sauce or bouquet garni, and

Frequently asked questions, create shopping lists and email support.

"And the best part, it's just $2.99," said Fenton. "There's no additional subscriptions or charges and no in-app purchases; just a great interactive cooking app, plain and simple."

For more info go to the ChefMate website at http://firstmateapp.com/ChefMate.html or the app store at itms://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chefmate/id591309581?mt=8

ChefMate™ is trademarked and the newest member in a family of fishing and hunting apps. They include FishMate®, FishMate®Pro, FirstMate®, HuntMate® and HuntMate®Pro, all registered trademarks in the United States.


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