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Charger Warns When Batteries Aren't Properly Charging

Many fishermen, boaters, and RVers have had the experience of finding out a battery is empty after days of charging, but the charger never gave them a clue. Powermania's Turbo M320 onboard charger features advanced battery check and connection check warnings, so the batteries are always ready when they're needed.

The Connection Check Warning alerts users if a battery is not being charged or to check for a broken fuse or loose cable connections. The Battery Check Warning helps ensure the battery functions normally.

Featuring high-power efficiency, the Turbo M320 can bring three 12V batteries to their full charge in the shortest time. The adaptive loading feature dynamically adjusts the charger's output level on each output bank. More charging power is allocated to the battery that is lower in charge and less charging power is given to the battery that is closer to being fully charged.

With extensive safety and advanced features, the M320 is an ideal charger for any 12/24/36V DC battery system with capacity ratings up to 240 Ah. This compact, yet powerful tournament-grade charger is epoxy potted for true, long-term waterproofing.

The Turbo M320 is also equipped with extensive safety features, including Ignition Protection, Over-Current Protection, Overheat Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection and Short Circuit Protection.

Powermania's Turbo M320 onboard charger has a price of $219.

Contact local dealers or Powermania, 3333 Bowers Avenue, Suite 130, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Toll-free: 1-888-581-8168. sales@powermaniausa.com, http://www.powermaniausa.com.


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