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New Prop Wizard Makes Prop Selection A Breeze

Choosing the right propeller doesn't have to end in frustration. The updated Turning Point Propellers online selection tool, Prop Wizard 4.0, removes guesswork with a massive database and precise calculations. Its scalable display is simple to use on smart phones, tablets or computers, promising to become every boater's go-to propeller resource.

Many marine dealers embed Turning Point's prop selection tool into their websites to simplify customer purchases, though anyone can use it at http://www.tpprops.com. Prop Wizard 4.0 guides boat owners to the ideal propeller using a new database amplified with over 350,000 boats spanning 35 model years, and 7,000 engines.

Quick Pull-Down Menus

Quick pull-down menus and a personal video guide help users hone in on their precise boat and engine information. If by chance a boater's model isn't listed, the Prop Wizard has other features to get to the correct prop. The new 4.0 version also includes a wide variety of hull pictures, helping owners visually match their boat.

Prop Wizard 4.0 also takes into account such performance-affecting variables as the boat's average load and altitude of operation-from Lake Tahoe to Biscayne Bay, and all the waters in between. In seconds, its weight calculator can factor in anchors, trolling or kicker motors, batteries, coolers, livewell capacity, and fishing and ski gear. This fine tuning helps dial in the optimal propeller with pinpoint accuracy. New Back buttons in the program facilitate user changes to information, and turning propeller icons indicate calculations are processing.

Once the Wizard performs its complex data compilation behind the scenes, it delivers a list of appropriate Turning Point propellers. Along with essential specs like diameter and pitch, results can include Hustler aluminum and Express stainless steel props, in 3 or 4 blades and in left- or right-hand rotation. Icons near each prop lead to explanations of the difference among the choices. Prop Wizard also indicates which models are best for heavy loads and watersports, or for optimal speed.

Assistance A Click Away

For customer convenience, the Prop Wizard results include each propeller housing's part and matching MasterGuard hub kit. With complete hub and housing systems for 8 hp to 300+ hp applications, Turning Point simplifies propeller changes. Backed by a unique lifetime warranty, its hub systems won't spin out, typically saving owners thousands of dollars in propeller costs over the life of a boat. They are the cure for Spun-a-Hub-a-Phobia.

Yet more technical assistance lies just a click away. From the results page, boaters can view prop installation information and accompanying videos. They can have the list of recommended props emailed to them, and even request an evaluation of the prop choices by Turning Point's propulsion engineers. Prop Wizard helps find local Turning Point dealers, or if the user accesses the tool from a dealer's site, purchases can be added to the shopping cart.

Video Tutorials

To further help owners understand the factors behind propeller performance, short, helpful video tutorials are peppered throughout the online selection tool. Users can alternately search directly by part number or engine only, or just review all available propellers.

Contact local dealers or Turning Point Propellers, 11762 Marco Beach Dr., Suite 2, Jacksonville, FL 32224. 904-900-7739. sales@turningpointpropellers.com; http://www.tpprops.com.


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