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Are You Safety-Savvy?

This is the second of several boating-safety quizzes offered to educate (or remind) boaters of some important guidelines. Although they may be helpful, it is recommended that all who recreate on and near the water take a boating-safety class. (See page 3 of this issue for a list of current classes.) This recommendation is for both new boaters and for seasoned ones who would benefit from an update.

There is a prize for the first one who answers all questions correctly and e-mails those answers to jim@azbw.com. The answers appear on another page in this issue.

Good luck!

1. What piece of safety equipment is required on vessels 16 feet and longer in Arizona?

2. The traffic pattern on our local lakes is clockwise — true or false?

3. When passing port to port, you would sound what sound signal on Federal Waterways?

4. Which one of the following lakes is not a federal waterway?

a. Lake Pleasant

b. Lake Mead

c. Lake Powell

d. Lake Havasu

5. A white buoy with orange bands and a diamond on it means what?

6. This term is used for the vessel that maintains course and speed during a crossing situation.

7. What signal do you sound when approaching a bend in a channel?

8. When skiing, how many persons must be aboard the vessel and what must they have?

9. At what age are you required to have a boating license in the State of Arizona?

10. The black and white vertically striped buoy means?


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