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App-Controlled LED Lights Bring Boats To Life

Until recently, boat accent lighting was limited to static colors. Seamaster Marine Products now enables owners to transform their vessels into dynamic, animated works of art. Its new LED RGB Multi-Color Accent Lighting kit, controlled by a free app, enables tailored illumination limited only by the owner's imagination.

Each kit includes four 20" LED strips, 30' of four-conductor wire, and a WiFi receiver. Users download Seamaster's free RGB LED app on any Apple or Android device to control and personalize light colors effortlessly. Seamaster's 120º wide-angle LEDs in red, blue and green can blend to hundreds of thousands of hues.

Boat owners can program lights to cycle at various speeds through a continuous color changing pattern, fade in and out, or remain set to a specific tone. They can save favorite settings and sequences, or let the app randomly and artfully change the colors. It's an easy and fun way for users to have LED lighting reflect the holidays, show loyalty with team colors, or liven up a party. The kit is also ideal for boaters decorating for parades or Venetian nights. It readily accommodates additional 10" or 20" Seamaster RGB LED strips, up to 10 on one power source, to illuminate any size vessel.

Seamaster LED lights are backed by a lifetime warranty. Built and engineered to withstand the harshest marine environments, they're waterproof to IP68 and are USCG-certified ignition-proof. Mill-spec marine construction includes heavy duty wiring. They draw less than .5 amp on 12V power and install easily with adjustable mounting clips.

The SeaMaster LED RGB Multi-Color Accent Lighting kit retails for $499. A non-WiFi version, with a dedicated remote RF controller instead, costs $449.95. The receiver carries a one-year warranty. Seamaster plans to release more RGB app-controlled LED light products in coming months.

Contact local dealers or Seamaster Marine Products, 1052 SE Dixie Cutoff Rd., Stuart, FL 34994. Toll-free 877-SEA-8488; gary@seamasterlights.com; http://www.seamasterlights.com.


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