Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Becoming An Outdoors-Woman Workshop Scheduled for Sept 5-7 2014

BOW has changed me in so many positive ways. Thank you for taking me back outside and showing me how to live again!!! (April 2012)

Will attending a Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) workshop have this effect on your life? Probably not. However, the message above is from an Arizona BOW alumni and it is not uncommon. After each workshop there are one or two women proclaiming that the weekend was a life altering event. What we do is teach adult women outdoor skills in a non-threatening fun environment. When she catches her first fish, hits the bulls eye with bullet or arrow or conquers her fear of heights sometimes she discovers a new strength. It is really fun to watch the transformation and it has kept our volunteer instructors coming back year after year.

BOW cannot promise a life altering experience, we can promise that you will have a good time, learn a new skill and make a new friend. That is a pretty good bargain at $250. Meals and lodging are included in the price for this fun filled weekend. The venue is Friendly Pines Camp in the cool pines of the Bradshaw Mountains just outside of Prescott. The accommodations are rustic but each cabin is equipped with showers and bathrooms. Class materials are included in every session except photography where students need to bring a camera.

In the September workshop thirty four different classes will be offered. Leave no trace hiking, fishing, rappelling, birding, map and compass, rifle marksmanship and still water paddling are just a sample of the skills ladies can learn this summer.

For more information, a schedule of classes, and a registration form:

Call the Arizona Wildlife Federation office at 480-644-0077

Email: awf@azwildlife.org.

Website: http://www.azwildlife.org

Join us at facebook.com/pages/Arizona-Becoming-an-Outdoors-Woman

This group is AMAZING! BOW this weekend was more than I expected. Anyone who has ever thought about doing this and hesitated for ANY reason should "Just Do It". You'll meet some AMAZING women! I'm home now and already thinking about which classes to sign up for at the next event. (April 2013 participant))


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