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Lake Pleasant Sailing Club

Sailing, Friendship, Education: All Part Of LPSC


Lake Pleasant Sailing Club (LPSC) was founded in 1977 and currently has approximately 100 member families.

Cruise News

LPSC sponsors approximately 16 weekend cruises per year at Lake Pleasant north of Phoenix, Ariz. The cruises usually involve sailing the lake and then rafting up (each boat puts out an anchor and ties up alongside the other boats) in a designated cove for the evening meal and spending the night.

The cruises most often have a theme such as Surf and Turf, Mardi Gras, Cinco De Mayo, Veteran's Day, etc. LPSC also sponsors midweek cruises throughout the sailing season (fall, winter and spring). LPSC sponsors out-of-town cruises to other lakes, Catalina Island, San Diego, etc.

Monthly Meetings And More

LPSC has monthly general membership meetings that include a presentation of interest to members. The calendar also includes off-the-water social events such as the Ice Cream Social, Holiday Party, Wine & Cheese Party, etc.

Education Is Key

LPSC has a mission of educating its members in all things involving sailing and sailing safety. This includes presentations at general membership meetings and a special Ladies Day at the Lake, which was inaugurated in 2009. (This was an all day event with classroom and on-the-water training by professional instructors for the women.)

All Are Welcome

The Lake Pleasant Sailing Club welcomes sailors of all stripes This is an active club based on Lake Pleasant, but the club also hosts boating events in California, on other Arizona lakes, and on land.

The club's mission is to promote recreational and social programs, seamanship, and water safety. It encourages and establishes good will between the club and other yacht clubs and sailing associations. Overall, the club organizes opportunities for members to take part in all forms of yachting and boating.

In September of this year, 2014, Lake Pleasant Sailing Club is celebrating 37 years of sailing, education and friendship.

An Open Invitation

LPSC has an open invitation: " Join us for stress-free, sailing-related adventures with old and new friends. While you may not know the boat, and you may not know the skipper or the crew, when you see [the] LPSC burgee, you have a friend - a person who loves the quiet of the lake or the roar of the ocean - someone who knows the thrill of a 30-degree heel at seven knots, or a friend who is just learning the joys of sailing.

"Whatever the circumstances, when you see [the LPSC] burgee, remember - these are friends on board. We are the friends who enjoy the sea, the thrills, and the understanding and friendship known to all sailors."

LPSC Adds Sailing Educators To Its 'Fleet'

Jim Cook of Victoria Sailing School in Denver visited Lake Pleasant last fall to conduct an American Sailing Association (ASA) Instructor Qualification course in conjunction with the Sailboat Shop. LPSC members, Arly Benson, Bill Jung, Emily Kaufmann and Steve Shenkel were among the sailing instructor candidates.

"We focused on meeting the sailing requirements, leading seminars, and cramming one thousand facts into our heads," reported Emily Kaufmann.

"After almost 50 years of sailing, I decided that I should get some sort of certification and start teaching something again," said Arly Benson.

LPSC Commodore Deedy Payne

All the LPSC candidates who participated are now ASA instructors. The club is lucky to have a healthy number of certified sailing instructors all poised to start new sailors on the right tack and to offer their expertise to fellow sailors.

In addition to the new member instructors, Lynn Buchanan, Charlie Corridori, Tom Errickson, and Clint Sutter are trained ASA instructors as well as LPSC members. Mike and MaryEllen Ferring are US Sailing instructors and belong to the club.

Take A Boating-Safety Class

When a friend says, "I would love to learn to sail!" think of the wonderful resources we have within the club. If you have never had a boating-safety class, consider a lesson.

It is notable that boaters who have any formal boating education are highly unlikely to suffer an accident of consequence while on the water.

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