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There is at least one prize (see page 1) for the first one who answers all questions correctly and e-mails those answers to Note: Be sure to include both the questions and their answers.

1. Q. What is the purpose of the rules of the road?

A. To prevent collision

2. Q. What is the arc of visiblity of a single side navigation light?

A. 112.5 degrees

3. Q. A power-driven boat leaving a berth or a dock must sound a warning signal of — ?

A. One prolonged blast

4. Q. In Arizona, children of what age must wear a life jacket while underway?

A. 12 and under

5. Q. What is wether?

A. A bad spell of weather

6. Q. In Arizona, children of what age must wear a life jacket while anchored?

A. None

7. Q. On Arizona lakes, the traffic pattern is — ?

A. Counterclockwise

8. Q. In Arizona, twelve-year-old and a sixteen-year-old go out on a PWC; who is legal to drive it?

A. Both

9. Q. A vessel proceeding under sail when also being propelled by machinery shall exhibit forward where it can best be seen a — ?

A. Conical shape, apex downward

10. Q. Above a wakeless speed, how far away from other vessels must a PWC stay?

A. 60 feet

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