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Seakeeper Launches Demo Tour Aboard OBX 345 Express

The latest advances in gyro stabilization can now be experienced firsthand aboard the new Seakeeper demo boat, a custom 345 Express from OBX Boatworks.

Seakeeper is showcasing the new vessel with an East coast US tour from June through September, including stops at major fishing tournaments.

Tagged "the ultimate fishing machine," the 345 Express blends a tournament-ready layout with amenities of a luxury cruiser. It features a hand-laid composite construction and custom joinery, and is powered by twin 300 hp outboards. The new Seakeeper 5 gyro onboard significantly reduces resonant boat roll while the vessel is docked, idling, trolling or cruising.

OBX owner Brad Flater knows that Seakeeper stabilization makes a great boat even better. "Our boats are very stable to start with, so the addition of the gyro gives the 345 a rock solid platform, making it extremely comfortable for our clients. The group at Seakeeper is forward-thinking. They're constantly looking at ways to improve the boater's experience."

"We're fortunate to have a vessel of such superior quality as a gyro demonstration platform. OBX Boatworks is a greatly supportive partner on this project," said Andrew Semprevivo, Seakeeper director of global sales-recreational.

The new Seakeeper demo boat will be at the South Jersey Shark Tournament in Cape May, New Jersey, June 4-7. From July 17-19, the boat heads to Beaufort, North Carolina, for the Barta Tournament, then up to Ocean City, Maryland, to the OC Big Fish Classic from the 26th-27th.

August tour dates include the White Marlin Open in Ocean City, Maryland, from the 4th-8th, and the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament August 20-23. Information about other Seakeeper demo opportunities along the route is available by contacting sales@seakeeper.com. More information about OBX boats is available at http://www.obx-boatworks.com.

Contact Seakeeper, 44425 Pecan Ct., Ste. 151, California, MD 20689. 410-326-1590. sales@seakeeper.com, http://www.seakeeper.com.


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