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Rock The Boat Update May 2014

RTB Chris-Craft Moves To Century Marine

We are proud to announce that the new home for Rock The Boats' 1954 35' Chris-Craft is Century Marine. Century Marine is located at 3302 East Main Street in Mesa, Ariz., and you can find them on the Web at http://www.centurymarine.com. Welcome aboard to Century Marine as a new sponsor for Rock The Boat.

Ed Hale of Hale's Marine Service handled moving the boat to her new location. Hale's Marine Service is located at 22241 North 24th Avenue in Phoenix, Ariz., and you can find them on the Web at http://www.halesmarineservices.com. Hale's Marine Service has assisted us in every way possible from the very beginning of the Rock The Boat project.

This story and the pictures on page 19 pertain to this move and the new location, but sponsors listed below have given their whole-hearted support for this project since it began.

If you would like to become a part of the Rock The Boat project, call or e-mail Jim at 480/947-6219 or jim@azbw.com.


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