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Jack Silver Joins Blue Pacific Boating

Marina Fest May 17, 2014

As you can see from the logo above, i have joined Blue Pacific Boating.

I made this move because I have always been a big believer in the "Fuller Brush" concept of marketing. For those of you who are too young to have been visited by a Fuller Brush man in your home, I will explain. I remember as a child the Fuller Brush man would come to our house. He would open his magical bag (heh, i was a kid, it was magical!) and in it there was always something that we needed/wanted and could use. Like Fuller Brush, Blue Pacific is a one-stop shop.

If you don't know how to sail, we have an ASA Certified school that can teach you.

if you know how to sail, but don't own a boat, you can charter one of the boats in our charter fleet.

And when you get to that time in your life when you need to own your own boat (everyone needs a boat at sometime in their life, right?) we can help you find that perfect "pre owned" boat.

But if you only want that new boat smell and experience, we can help you there too because Blue Pacific is owned by Steve and Stephanie Malbasa, who also own Tartan Yachts. If you have never been in a Tartan, come on down and take a look. I won't have to explain what the Tartan difference is, it will be quite obvious when you see the real wood cabinetry, the carbon fiber mast, and the list goes on.


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