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Inadequate Shaphooks On Lifejackets Rever Models 198RT & 160RT

The information in this safety alert was distributed a few years ago by Coast Guard Sector New Orleans with limited geographic reach. Recently, Washington State Ferry personnel discovered numerous problematic snaphooks on one of their vessels and reported it to Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound. This alert gives the issue wider circulation, and provides contact information for persons to take corrective action and obtain new snaphooks.

The issue is the spring-loaded tab in the snaphook on the waist belt affecting some REVERE lifejacket models 198 RT and 160 RT. The tab has been found to be too long for both the thick or thin design,. When the D-ring of the main waist belt is "hooked," the length of the tab prevents it from snapping closed. With the hook remaining open, the D-ring is not fully secured. (top photograph) The spring-loaded tab may also lose its resiliency. (bottom photograph)

See attachment for complete document and photographs.

The Coast Guard recommends that owners/operators that have Revere model 198 RT or 160 RT lifejackets or vests on board their vessels inspect them closely for this potential defect.

Persons who discover problematic snaphooks should either call 904-562-5900, or email jacksonville.sales@survitecgroup.com for specific directions on how to obtain replacement snaphooks.

Owners/operators are requested to contact the Coast Guard at typeapproval@uscg.mil if this issue is discovered to be widespread within their organization(s). Special thanks to the Sector Puget Sound Investigations Division and to the Washington State Ferry system for sharing this information.

This safety alert is provided for informational purposes only and does not relieve any domestic or international safety, operational or material requirement. Developed by the Office of Investigations and Casualty Analysis. For questions or concerns please email hqs-pf-fldr-cg-inv@uscg.mil.


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