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Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About…Varnish

New, Free Interlux® Varnish Guide

Union, New Jersey - Interlux® has produced a handy free guide to help boat owners understand the most common applications of varnish and to offer expert advice for doing your own brightwork.

“Varnishes have always been considered a mysterious blend of black art and science,” said Interlux Marketing Manager Jim Seidel. “Generally, varnishes are made up of five specific ingredients - oil, resin, solvent, driers and ultra-violet additives – but only the right combination of all five ingredients results in a varnish's optimal performance,” he added.

The new Varnish Guide features techniques boatyard professionals use to apply varnish written by Ralph Naranjo, technical editor for Practical Sailor. “Varnish work needs to be savored rather than simply endured. There’s a lot of pride in being able to transform a blistered, peeling finish into a lustrous display of woodwork. Professionals develop this talent through careful guidance and years of repetition. We’re fortunate to have Ralph aboard to help the rest of us learn the steps involved and the ideas behind quality varnish work,” Jim Seidel said.

Call the Interlux technical help line, 1+800.468.7589, to request a paper copy.

For more information about Interlux varnishes and other Interlux products, visit http://www.yachtpaint.com/usa or your local Interlux dealer.


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