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Tucson Sailing Club

Annual Regatta Coming To San Carlos, Mexico

The Tucson Sailing Club's 33rd annual Spring Regatta is coming May 23, 24, and 25 to San Carlos, Mexico. Be sure to mark the dates on your racing calendar.

TSC is planning a great Memorial Day weekend of sailing, food and parties. Bring your family and join us. We will be coordinating travel-to-San-Carlos "caravans," so if you have never driven into Mexico or you would just like to join an experienced traveler for the trip, let us know.

Tucson Sailing Club Information

About TSC:

The Tucson Sailing Club is a nonprofit organization devoted to promote, protect, and foster the sport of sailing; to encourage the members to become familiar with and adhere to the rules of navigation and seamanship, and to promote and encourage sociability and friendship among its members.

Regular Events

The Club meets monthly at O'Malleys on Fourth (247 North 4th Ave - Tucson, AZ). Club business is discussed, and there is usually a presentation (by a member or guest) that is sailing or travel related.

Twice a year, a picnic for members is held in Tucson. Attendees enjoy a potluck, and are welcome to participate in match-racing with Lasers.

Also two times a year, members and the public congregate in San Carlos, Mexico, to race full-sized boats in the Sea of Cortez. Races are held around Memorial Day, and again during October. Don't miss an excellent opportunity to sail your boat in great company in a friendly, lightly competitive environment.

Semi-annually, after the International Regatta, some members sail together to various points of interest in the Gulf of Mexico. Some stay close to the Mexican mainland, sailing up the coast for a week or less; others spend up to two weeks (or more) crossing over to the Baja Peninsula and visiting many great small towns.


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